When you got a little one at home it’s almost normal that he will some how catch something while he’s at the nursery at church, sitting in a shopping cart at the store or even just crawling around at home. It’s about that time again for us. When the little ones are sick.Last week he was completely fine and then this week he’s got the green goo coming out of his nose. Mama has time out from other activities and spends more time cuddling, following little ones with the camera and not seeing for a week. Oh not only does he have green goo coming out of his nose, he’s super cranky…like super cranky times ten. Well these pictures don’t quite show the crankiness. Even with all the goo and the crankiness this little guy still has time to explore his surroundings and possibly throw a smile here and there. Makes me wonder what he’s thinking about as he goes around checking things out.

He’s having a really bad hair night.

Look at how scared our poor dog is.