Like I mentioned with many of our FB friends…it’s kind of sad that we never really made it to the beach this past summer.

Then again a few have said that it might be the best thing, since January there aren’t as many people there. It’s pretty awesome that we live in such a place as San Diego, California where you have “Winter” for two weeks and the rest of the time it’s pretty much “Beach” weather. Grateful that we can live here. Thankful that Shay had the day off and we could run some errands like get my fillings done and do a Costco run and the trip to La Jolla Shores was the big bonus!


We knew that we were planning to go to the beach. And of course we didn’t plan that our kiddos would really want to get into the water. So of course we didn’t come prepared. No extra clothes, no swimsuits or swim trunks. We do it old school and let the 14 month old run in diapers. Sometimes you just have to wing it! Sometimes the best memories are made that way!