I remember sitting in the hospital about a year ago this coming November 6. We went in around the afternoon thinking maybe this “little” baby will be here or maybe they’ll send me home again. Again this baby was not due till November 11th, but everyone of my family members had been waiting along with me for at least a couple of weeks. They all put their lives on hold to help me—this walking baby belly growing woman. We checked in. They got me hooked up to the monitors and BAM big contraction hits. A gigantic contraction they called it that lasted 5 minutes and causing baby’s heart beat to drop. All the sensors and alarms go off in the room and it seems like every nurse and doctor come flying in to our room. When my special nurse…she was a sweet Thai lady named Sara. She wanted to take care of me and she was so sure this baby would be delivered naturally. She was also sure that baby would be delivered after midnight. She was so sure that she made a deal to give me her Thai dinner if I delivered before midnight.

So that Sunday I watched football all day long as we waited. They cranked the Pitocin and we played the waiting game. Then finally the time to meet this little person was actually happening. We were about to find out would this little person be Olivia or Oliver. 11:35pm I started pushing and at 11:42pm we meet this sweet not so little 8 pounds and 6 ounces  and 21 inches tall baby boy Oliver! He was perfect. He seemed sweet, cuddly, loud and strong. He’s still all that now—just a tad bit louder.

Oliver 31

He’s loud, due to…well I guess you could say it’s hard to be heard when you got a big brother who can’t stop talking and and a big sister who’s always in your face so in love with you and wants to hug you and kiss you all the time.


Oliver 41

It’s funny that at 6 months his pediatrician said he didn’t weigh enough, but he started rolling at 4 months.

Oliver 51

He started to scoot and also sitting before our big road trip at 7 months.

He loves to eat. You will see with recent pictures of him. He seems to have no allergies to most foods. He’s had a cake, ice cream, spaghetti, sausages, cinnamon rolls, donuts just to name a few. Can we say a little spoiled when it comes to food. He started walking at 11 months. He’s the earliest walker in the line of our kids. He loves to dance and sing.

Oliver 11

We love you Oliver. You are a gift to us and we cannot imagine life without you. Happy Birthday big boy!

Oliver 21