This was my lil man Walle just a few hours after being born. Perfect nose, hair, fingers and toes.

How can it be that he is turning 4 years old. I remember thinking what kind of person has the world been blessed with.

What kind of personality was this little beautiful baby going to have?

We didn’t have to wait too long. As you can see…




Our Walle…you are the smartest Walle we know. We love you! After each bath at night and I’m getting Ollie ready for bed…you come by his room and blow me kisses. I know I try to send you away because I’m trying to get your brother to go to sleep, but those kisses you blow are worth a gazzilion bucks big boy! You are growing up so fast! I’m so glad that you love your big sis Chloe and baby bro Ollie that you would choose to take them to Chuck E. Cheese with you and not anyone else on your first visit there…not even your parents. Papa and I are so shocked with the funny thoughts you come up it and ALL the questions you ask. You are such a great dancer and great singer! You still love music very much. We love your hugs and kisses. We continue to pray for you that you would follow after God’s heart. You are an amazing little man. Hope your birthday is fun for you as it is for us you pizza loving boy! Yup, if you could eat pizza all the time, you would!