Do you know the best conversations I’ve had have been with my kids. Okay, Okay, Don’t think that my conversations with you aren’t great, but my kids just bring it and it’s just over the top! For example.

(Pictures of Ollie during our summer road trip. This was in a hotel in New Mexico.)

Walle: “So Mama, I want to be a Papa! I can marry Ate(pronounce Ateh which means sister) when she gets bigger and I get bigger.”

Me: “Babe you can’t marry your sister. It’s just not allowed.”

Walle: “But who can I marry? I don’t know anybody else!”

Me: “Don’t worry, we are praying for the right one to come a long.”

Walle: “But I really really want to get married! I want to be a Papa!”

Me: (Face with a big question mark) And then I say, “Why do you want to get married so bad?!?! You are young enjoy being a kid and play play play!”

Walle: “I want to be a Papa!”

Me: “Why do you want to be a Papa?”

Walle: “I want to be a Papa because I want to be like my Papa.”

Me: (cool he sees great things in his dad.)

Walle: continues…. “I want to be like my Papa because he gets to use cool touch pad stuff. IPAD, Kindle Fire and his cool phone. Then I can play Angry Birds.”

Me: (Blank Stare)

First time eating a grapefruit

Me: “Walle grab your fork so you can eat your grapefruit.”

Walle: “Yummy, now my blood pressure is going down, just like Papa’s.”

Have great conversations friends!