Yup…you could say we are a little crazy to go camping with an 8 month old teething little boy! It was fun and yes there was lack of sleep from mother and son.
Was it worth it? Yes, it’s the memories made! Branded into my brain that camping with an 8 month old was a crazy choice but we can say we did it and survived it! With that said, it will probably be awhile till we go camping again.

Fun Facts and Happy Memories

  • Kids love dirt incase you didn’t know.
  • Even if you tell your kids you are going camping because you want to take them, they will still whine and complain about being there. True story!
  • It takes more time to pack your car than to unpack it.
  • It takes more time to set up a tent than to tear it down.
  • Sleep parallel to a slope on the ground so you don’t roll into your spouse.
  • Breakfast Burritos for dinner!
  • S’mores with the kiddos the first night.
  • S’mores with only Mama’s and Papa’s the 2nd night!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores created by Rena.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancakes  of course created by Rena.
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Talking with other Mama’s.
  • Hiking in pajamas.
  • Day trip to Julian for Burgers and of course dessert!
  • Seeing Simon(you all remember lil Simon…lil guy many of you prayed for. God has shown his mighty hand upon this lil guy’s life!)
  • Of course being with friends.