Day 10-11

Chicago to Joplin

Longest day ever! We thought it would be nice to stop in a few more places. Well, we didn’t think it was going to be a 13 hour day! It was like we just stopped and all of a sudden we have to stop again. “Didn’t we just stop for the potty at the last stop and you said you didn’t have to go!”

Anyway, our first stop was actually at a Starbucks. We had to fill up Papa and Mama with some caffeine juice for the blood! Seriously it was like 5 minutes from the Bailey’s. This was the conversation.

8:10 am

Chloe:  “did I fall asleep?”

Irene: “I don’t think so. 1st Starbucks for the road!”

Walle: “Why are we at Starbucks?”

Irene: “So that my brain will start working.”

Walle: “Where’s auntie Jenn going?”

Irene: “Home.”

Walle: “To Lolo and Lola’s house?”


Irene: “We are stopping at the capital city of Illinois.”

Chloe: “Springfield!!!!”

We were on our way to Joplin, Missouri. You must remember the place. Hit by a really bad tornado. We made a quick stop to get some breakfast at a Wendy’s. They had to make the biscuits so that took awhile and then after sitting in the car waiting, one decided right before we are leaving they had to use the restroom. Then after I had already changed Ollie’s diaper, he needed to be changed again! Seriously!?!!

Finally…we were on our way. This time for real. We wanted to stop in Springfield, Illinois. I’ve actually been here before. Wanted to take the kids to the place good Ol’ Abe Lincoln, his wife and kids were buried. This round of conversation:


Irene: “We are going to see our 16th president. Who is the 16th president?”

Chloe:”Abraham Lincoln!”

Walle: “Abraham Lincoln a real person?”

Chlloe: “Is he really there?”


Starbucks #2!

Shay: “The St. Louis Arch.”

Chloe: “Are we there yet?”

Irene: “Not quiet sweetie.”

Walle: “I’m tired of sitting here.”

Walle: screaming about how he doesn’t like Kentucky Friend Chicken because it’s not like how mama makes it.


Walle:  “What’s that smell? I think it’s Oliver. Can you please change him?”


Chloe: Using walkie talkies. “This is Chloe with the weather report. There is a meatball storm with slight chance of spaghetti.”


Walle: “I need to pee.”

Shay: Exits the freeway and stops at the Bates Motel…no really it looked like the Bates Hotel. Then goes to the back of the van and pulls out green potty seat for kids to pee in.


Walle: “I smell cow.”

Arrived at hotel 10pm. Excited to see dishwasher and microwave. Then kids bathed…kids in bed, tired parents!