Chicago– our home away from home for about 5 days. Welcomed by dear friends of ours (more like family), the Baileys! Actually, the family in Olathe is related to this fam. I tell you, a blessing after blessing wherever we go! I’ve known Justin and Mel since my college days at Moody. We were the youth leaders at the Filipino church we attended. It was fun to think back to those days and remember how young we were and how young the youth group kids were.

Actually what brought me back to Chicago is that one of our youth group girls is now old enough to be married.  What? What? She’ll be married like us?!?! How is that even possible!? But then 10 years have gone by since I started my life in Chicago, so there is a high possibility that these young people have grown into men and women. It was great to see how these kids have become adults…young adults. Some in high school and college, some graduated from college, some now working, and a few who have gotten married. Who would have thought that I would be back in Chicago as many times as I’ve been back…to think that I would have personal connections with people here even after 10 years have gone by.

Becca, the young woman who got married is a sister to me. Her parents took me in, helped me, fed me when I was living in Chicago. They were my family while I lived in the windy city. So many fun memories…of making the youngest lil brother Daniel cry, watching Tagalog Drama, staying up late making music videos, and learning how to follow Jesus as we should.

Staying with the Bailey’s was like being at home…and then some! Mel had a hot breakfast ready for us every morning. Seriously we were spoiled. Fresh Starbucks coffee every morning (cause we were lacking that during our drive through Iowa), lunch and dinner prepared by her. Our kids played and played like there was no tomorrow. As Chloe and Walle were saying, “I’m so sad to leave, mama.” Oliver was snuggled by Auntie Mel and never wanted to be put down. Kids loved that Uncle Justin can speak like Mickey Mouse. I wish there was more time to just sit and talk more.

So grateful and our cup is full.

Our highlights while in Chicago:

Visited the Moody Bible Institute and got to see one of my profs.

Went to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and went to the Jelly Belly Factory

My baby sister came down from Wisconsin and hung out with us at the Bailey’s a couple days. And she brought these amazing almond croissants from a local French Bakery
in the town she is living in.

Ate Penang Thai food near my college .

Water fight in the Bailey’s backyard.       
Had lunch with my college roommate Lisa and her hubby Saj. She forgot to mention that her baby sister was going to be there too. Great surprise to see Laurie.


Rode up the fastest elevator in the John Hancock building.

Took part in a wedding.

Got to see a lot of the kids that were part of our youth group as adults. So strange. 😛

Met up with Katie, one of my youth girl’s from San Diego. Now currently living in Chicago and studying at the University of Chicago.