Ahhh….Yosemite…How much I miss you!

And I’m back!!!! A week away with my family to the Sierras. Yosemite was incredible. NEVER seen waterfalls flow like that…unless you’ve been to Niagara Falls! So much to see in Yosemite and still we’ve missed a few places, which gives us even more reasons to go back and explore. From that vacation…I think I need another vacation with all the hiking around we did(me and a growing belly and Walle saying “Can you please carry me?”) and the drive home seemed forever! But was it worth it you ask?

The answer is OF COURSE! Savored the moments. Splurged on the desserts with the kids. Stayed up late with the hubby and watched the Back to the Future DVD Trilogy that my hubby gave me for Christmas. Captured the special moments with the lens and explored astrophotography for the first time! Here are some of my faves from our trip. It was difficult to narrow it down…but you’ll get the idea.