This is my Ate Mia. You may wonder why I decided to blog about her.
Well because I see God’s incredible strength in her.

I’ve known her since my early college years. We got a long real well when we met at this International Christian Fellowship in Escondido, we call it ICF.  Funny to think that she was the first person to let me drive a manual transmission automobile and was brave enough to sit in the car with me and drive around town.

My Ate Mia at the age of 34 is fighting cancer. Cancer that has begun in her lungs and has moved into her brain…with that said, like I said before, I see God’s incredible strength in her. Even in the midst of this storm, her hope is in the living Savior Jesus Christ. While we spent that one afternoon for lunch, I never heard anything negative or sad come out of her mouth. I left our meeting more encouraged that when I first got there.