I use to hate it when I was young that my birthday was during Labor Day weekend. I was the kid who didn’t get to have cupcakes with her classmates. I use to get sad thinking that other peeps mommies and daddies brought them cupcakes during their birthdays. Of course I enjoyed the cupcakes they shared with the class, but it would bring back memories and a realization that I wasn’t going to have my mommy and daddy bring me cupcakes for my birthday.

Well that was back in the days of elementary school! Now that I’m much older and wiser(ehem ehem)I love that my birthday lands around Labor Day weekend. Really it’s starts either a little before the first of September or on the day of my birthday and does not end till Labor Day. Like I said, it’s a “BIRTHDAY BASH!” Filled with my favorite people…

September 1st: Shay, Chloe and Walle…hubby off work, home made cards from my two favorite babies and even some birthday singing from the lil one’s. It was super cute…and it made me think…really what more could I ask for!
Oh and yes a trip to VG Donuts in Cardiff and a walk on Oceanside Pier and a lunch date with the best husband in the world!

Then my fam got together! I love that my folks and Shay’s mom get along so well that family gatherings are a HIT!
Yummy food and great company! I could not ask for anything better. The Lord has surely blessed me and may He always be praised!