Yes, some where around the world I’ve turned the big 33! I’m not ashamed to say it. Yes I do color my hair on occasions to cover the gray lurking around on my head, I eat high fiber meals and you know for what reasons, I have to run extra long and many times during the week to keep the weight off, and yes I’m getting old. Though life is fleeting and time seems to go faster as I get older, but I’m so thankful! Thankful for this life, the family I have, the most wonderful husband in the world, the awesome children that I’ve been blessed with. I’m thankful that I have the Lord to always remind me that this life is not mine but His and He’s given me the opportunity to take care of it and use it for His glory. I’m merely a pixel of the whole picture He has created. I’m excited to see how it all comes to play someday.

So my sister and I have been playing this surprise birthday game with each other from time to time. She’s 10 years younger and so I’ve always have had the advantage on it all! But this year I think she has beat me! I didn’t have a clue and the crazy thing she didn’t even tell hubby about it(bad mistake, but great that he is forgiving). She told me we were off to the movies and dinner and it was 12 days before my birthday. I thought maybe she’ll be too busy with school and wanted to celebrate it early.

I got ready and wore shorts and she told me I had to change into pants. I then asked am I allowed to wear flip flops and she said sure…so i figured it wasn’t going to be bowling. She then said I need to eat by 4pm…and I said why if I’m not hungry. Then she said “YOU NEED TO EAT SOON”. So I agree and we headed completely a different direction and we weren’t going to be home till late. Late? Late? How late? Midnight late! I finally had to tell Shay that we weren’t going to be back till possibly past midnight, good thing I told him how late.

We headed to Chula Vista…I was getting some clues because there’s only one venue there that I know of. When we got there I was getting sooo excited. I had a little clue but wasn’t completely sure and then she handed me this.

And what came out of this wrapped up FedEx envelope is this…


Never thought I would be  standing in the PIT section watching Dave Matthews sing his heart out. I was so close that I could almost touch him…but if i did maybe I would have gotten booted out of the concert!

I’m so thankful that I have my sister to share these special crazy moments. I knew that God surely blessed me when my folks told me that they were having a girl about 23 years ago. Thanks Jenn for loving me unconditionally, hanging out with me, loving my kids and being a good auntie to them, baby sitting so Shay and I can go out on dates, for being humble in so many ways, drinking coffee with me and laughing with me. You’re the best sister in my world! This Dave Matthews Concert is so special because I got to share with you. Love you!